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98% of the world's healthcare facilities are powered by JADAK technologies.

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Medical Machine Vision Increases Throughput... 380x380

Machine Vision for Liquid Level Detection

  Advances in Embedded Medical Machine Vision for Liquid Level

September 29, 2016
Medical Machine Vision Increases Throughput... 380x380-01

How Medical Machine Vision Increases Throughput in Today’s Top Clinical Analyzers

  By, Todd Pellegrino, Applications Engineer Clinical Analyzer OEMs are

September 8, 2016
Integrated Spectroscopy in Compact_380x380-01

Integrated Spectroscopy in Compact Analytical Devices

  Integrated Spectroscopy in Compact Analytical Devices Introduction Analytical equipment

September 8, 2016
#1 Supplier of Chart Recorders to EKG and Patient Monitors
#1 Supplier of Embedded Machine Vision Solutions to the Healthcare Market
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Health & Life Sciences

JADAK has integrated optical inspection applications technologies to perform everything from barcode scanning to lateral flow analysis, antibiotic and drug measurements, and more


Whether its a consumer good like a handbag or a critical item like a patient drug, counterfeit products are everywhere. To differentiate a real item from a fake has typically required high-end laboratory analysis, unique material compositions..

Admissions & E-Ticketing

With the growing use of smart phones and the use of e-ticketing applications, more applications are requiring that a barcode is displayed on a phone and scanned at an event/gate.

Kiosk & Customer Engagement

JADAK’s product and engineering support can help kiosk manufacturers looking for help with data collection issues choose the right technology and make integration run smoothly.

Mobile Platforms

From smart phones, personal tablets, JADAK's comprehensive mobile team can assist with: Application Development, System Integration and Development, and more.

JADAK is proud to serve our community.

The JADAK team participates in national programs such as the United Way and the Salvation Army and has also contributed in times of need with blood drives, donations for flood relief, and care packages for our troops. In addition to helping others, JADAK recognizes the social responsbility of caring for the environment.

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