Material Handler PRI Operations


POSITION OVERVIEW:  Photo Research is a world leader and innovator in high precision scientific grade electro-optical instrumentation and systems providing a comprehensive range of products and services to improve precision and quality.  Material Handlers play a crucial role in the day to day operations of a successful manufacturing facility.  They are responsible for incoming and outgoing shipments, kitting components for manufacture, as well as a variety of general labor tasks.


REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  List the job duties regularly performed by an employee in the position and the proportional time (percentage to total 100%) to be spent by the employee on each duty.

  1. Loads, unloads and moves materials within the facility.
  2. Pulls work orders or inventory requests for the shop floor and assembles the components into a kit.
  3. Maintains and organizes all stocking environments.
  4. Ensures parts are clearly identified & stocking locations are current.
  5. Maintains a clean and organized work environment.


REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:  Describe the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the essential functions of the job.

Knowledge:  Warehousing, inventory, shipping & receiving, kitting

Skills:  Basic math skills, strong attention to detail, good oral communication skills, computer skills, including Microsoft Office & Oracle.


MINIMUM EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE:  State the minimum education, knowledge and/or work experience required to effectively perform the job.

Education:     High school diploma or equivalent required.

Experience:  1-2 years’ experience required, 1+ years preferred.


REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS:  This position will report to the Operations Manager.

AUTHORITIES/DECISIONS MADE AS PART OF REGULAR DUTIES: This position will be responsible for the receipt, shipping, kitting and storage of materials in the manufacturing facility.

 WORKING CONDITIONS / EQUIPMENT:  Regularly lift 30-50 pounds & perform repetitive tasks.  Regularly possess manual dexterity to handle electronic components and assemblies.









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