EA15 OEM Barcode Scan Engine

EA15_pTo ease the mechanical integration into a large variety of host devices, the EA15 barcode scan engine is available in two versions: integral engine or separated engine and decode board. The EA15 combines decode speed with unmatched motion tolerance to deliver an easy to use scanner with aggressive performance.

Based on state-of the-art CMOS technology for optimal image sensitivity and dynamic range, the EA15 features scanning speeds two times faster than traditional 2-D imagers.

Thanks to its 2-D omni-directional decoding and imaging capabilities, the EA15 is ready to meet future application needs. Using the latest Intermec algorithms, the EA15 decodes down to one pixel per dot, providing an outstanding decode performance even on poorly printed or damaged barcodes. In addition, the EA15 offers uncompromised performance on current applications that include linear barcodes.

The EA15 Performance Aiming System emulates the operation of linear imagers. This leads to very high scan rates (up to 200 scans per second) on linear barcodes, which is more than five times faster than traditional 2-D imagers.

The EA15 barcode scan engine is built to match the most demanding scanning requirements, providing consistent scanning performance in total darkness to full sunshine and over a large temperature range. The EA15 is based on solid state technology and complies with the most stringent standards for exposure to shock and vibration.

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