Mobile Platform Solutions

With the advent of sophisticated smart phones, personal tablets, and a growing offering of portable terminals, it is confusing and daunting to determine what technology best fits organizational and corporate needs.

For those determining the best approach, JADAK provides the following services for our Mobile Platforms:

– Application Development: JADAK develops Android, iOS, and Windows based applications specifically for our customers.

System Integration and Development:  JADAK’s engineers can help develop software that ties the application and tablet seamlessly with enterprise systems.  This includes system integration into Health Care Information Systems (HIS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), and Anesthesia Information Systems (AIS).

–  Manufacturing Services: From custom colors to inventory planning to pre-loading and kitting, JADAK will work with you to ensure smooth roll-outs of your hardware.

…and if you are a tablet manufacturer:

JADAK is a leading supplier of bar code scan engines to tablet manufacturers. We have extensive experience integrating barcode technology into a wide range of operating systems utilizing an even wider range of microprocessor families.

If your tablet is allready designed and you need to add functionality to your tablet or mobile platform, JADAK has experience designing and manufacturing accessories for many popular tablet manufacurers.   JADAK has designed barcode, RFID, NFC, MSR, battery, and boot accesories for  Android, iOS and Windows based devices.


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