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Bulk mixers of prescribed drugs get more scrutiny

Fox News, November 18, 2013

Congress seeks federal over-sight on compounding pharmacies that custom mix medications in bulk. This article details the  trials and tribulations of involving the FDA and creating a national system for tracking prescription drugs.

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What’s behind a barcode?

Healthcare Purchasing News, October 2013

New rules for creating healthcare barcodes coming soon! This article informs us of the new formatting requirements being implemented for all barcodes within the  industry.

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Putting auto ID technology to work in healthcare

Healthcare Purchasing News, July 2013

The FDA will soon require all medical device manufacturers to label their products using Auto-ID tags.  This article  educates on the  different barriers to overcome as a result of this change, the process of how it’s implemented and the benefits of its implementation.

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Systematic Management of Laboratory Supplies

Medical Lab Management, July 2013

Today’s laboratory supply management issues are often diverse and complex however the effective management of these challenges are crucial to every laboratories success. This article shares insights into identifying these tasks and discusses the solutions to these problems.

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Advantages of ISBT 128 Labeling Standardization… Q&A with Pat Distler, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB Technical Director, ICCBBA 

Medical Lab Management, July 2013

ISBT 128 is a global standard for the identification, labeling, and the information transfer of medical products which are of human origin (such as blood, cells and tissue). This article further explains how this standard came to exist, it’s evolution and just how crucial its implementation is effecting the healthcare industry on a global scale.

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