ST9600 Barcode Decoder Chip

ST9600-squareThe ST9600 Barcode Decoder Chip was designed to address the present and future requirements of original equipment manufacturers’ products. Applications are growing in many markets including medical equipment, clinical and analytical chemistry instrumentation.

Other applications include, but are not limited to – test and measurement apparatus, materials handling equipment, robotic systems, image management products, portable data terminals, computer and terminal keyboards, and terminals for point-of-sale, data collection and computers.

The ST9600 Barcode Decoder Chip has an Intel 8 bit microcontroller, supports 2 wand scanners and 1 laser scanner. It also bi-directionally autodiscriminates 12 standard bar code symbologies.

This product is available on an OEM basis only. JADAK offers integration and engineering assistance for the ST9600 Barcode Decoder chipset.


  • Supports 2 Wands and 1 Laser Barcode Scanner
  • Intel 8 Bit Microcontroller
  • Bi-Directional Autodiscrimination

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