JE-106 OEM 1D Barcode Scan Engine

EV12_pCombining compact size (5.2cm3/0.32in 3) and great scanning performance, the JE-106 barcode scan engine is the value version of the JADAK JE-107 engine. The JE-106 is based on the linear CMOS sensor using state-of-the-art Active Pixel Sensor (APS) technology. The JE-106 is ideal for OEM applications where space is limited for scanner integration in both portable and fixed devices, including hand held terminals, PDAs, PC and cell phone peripherals, lottery terminals, time and attendance terminals, ski-pass, automated sorting machines and more.


Unique Reading Performance

The JE-106 benefits from the latest generation of JADAK standard algorithms delivering great performance. The JE-106 has a scan rate and a depth of field enabling it to read poorly printed, damaged, low contrast, wide or high density barcodes.


Bright and Sharp

The JE-106 uses a unique 617nm illumination system to provide a safe and sharp aiming line. With the JE-106, you can clearly see what you are scanning, even in brightly lit or backlit conditions, thus improving usability and throughput.


Low Power

The JE-106 provides easy electrical connection. The 3.3V low power operation is ideal for preserving battery life in mobile applications. Additionally, the standby current is reduced to micro amps to preserve the host device battery when the scan engine is not in use.


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