JE-216 OEM 2D Barcode Scan Engine

JE-216 OEM 2D Barcode Scan Engine

The JADAK JE-216 is the first and only 2D imager to provide 50 times more motion tolerance than standard 2D imagers and doesn’t require barcode alignment to achieve high read rates, adding a clear performance advantage to your product.

JE-216 is particularly adapted for applications where barcodes are read on the move such as picking, sorting, tracking, manufacturing, access control and retail POS. Successful barcode scanning, even under the most dynamic conditions, is made easier because the JE-216 can read barcodes at up to 500 ips (12.7 m/s). The rugged JE-216 also complies with the most stringent standards for shock and vibration and can successfully operate within a wide temperature range.


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