JE-233 OEM 2D Slim Barcode Scan Engine

N6600 Series Ultra-Slim Area-Imaging Engine Data Sheet | HoneyweHigh performance barcode imaging has never been so slim and compact. The JE-233 series integrates JADAK’s decoding technology for unparalleled 1D and 2D scanning performance, and also provides a better user experience and more integration convenience than ever before.

Built on an industry-leading imaging platform, the JE-233 delivers a superior barcode reading experience, with outstanding speed and unrivaled accuracy. Inside the ultra-compact JE-233 series engine, a proprietary imaging sensor is embedded that is designed specifically for professional barcode reading. With its powerful white illumination, this compact but powerful sensor capture more detail and is exceptionally motion tolerant—making it easy to decode hard-to-read barcodes and tolerate challenging ambient light environments.

Interface flexibility was paramount in the design of the JE-233 series. It supports both traditional parallel and MIPI interfaces for emerging technologies. This enables easier integration with the latest processors, saves space, reduces overall design cost and shortens the integration and development cycle. The JE-233 series is also backwards-compatible with nearly all N5600 series designs, which reduces development complexity and makes it easier and faster to integrate.

The JE-233 series is available with a LED based aimer. This high visibility LED aimer provides an ultra-clear and sharp green aimer line that makes targeting and scanning easy.As the next-generation flagship product, the JE-233 series inherits the most advanced imaging technology from both Honeywell and legacy Intermec. It is also a smart choice for enterprise mobility, tablet, sled and wearable device makers who do not want to compromise thermal management, power consumption, peak current control and EMI for unmatched 2D scanning performance.

Looking for a powerful decoding board that can also reduce the need for space?

DB-206The DB-206 is a miniature sized decoder board that can be used with JADAK engines JE-222, JE-223, and JE233. This design is less than half the size of most competitive decoder board solutions, conserving space in OEM designs without sacrificing decoding performance.

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