JE-238 OEM 2D Barcode Scan Engine

The JE-238 barcode scan engine is a miniature self-contained 2D scan engine that meets the scanning needs of a wide array of customers and markets. It provides professional level scanning and decoding capability in one of the industry’s most compact packages. The JE-238 represents a fine balance between size, performance, and ease of integration with a single piece imager and decoding platform. Available in both USB and TTL signal level RS-232 versions and provides decoding for all industry standard barcodes.

The JE-238 benefits from JADAK’s suite of barcode decoding and machine vision software tools that can be adapted to deliver highly accurate results for the toughest applications. This technical performance, when coupled with JADAK’s unparalleled technical support, project management, and customer focused engineering teams provide OEM customers with the industy’s best barcode decoding and machine vision performance while allowing them to focus their attention on the rest of their product design. OEMs can be confident that JADAK will deliver the data collection results so that they can concentrate on their core technologies.

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