FM-1M Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

FM-1mThe FM-1 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner comes with many options: Configurable as a right angle or straight scanner, the FM-1 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner is capable of fitting into tight spaces and has both VGA and Megapixel camera options that meet a wide variety of application needs. For applications that need a smaller scanner that might be manually triggered or held in a hand, the FM-1 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner also comes with an optional trigger button. For OEM applications requiring optimized solutions or complimentary technologies, our Concepts Without Risk process offers customers an easy path for optimization and integration services for the FM-1.

Rugged Housing
Sealed metal housing withstands harsh environments.

Integrated LED Illumination
Four (4) red and four (4) white integrated LEDs provides configurable illumination for barcode and document scanning

Omni-directional Scanning/Decoding
True 360 degree scanning makes it easier to scan barcodes and enables the scanning of all popular barcode types

No Moving Parts
Solid-state electronics means that there are no moving parts to break, come out of alignment, or wear.

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