FM-2350 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

FM-2350_pFM-2350-01The FM-2350 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner from JADAK is a right-angle fixed mount barcode scanner that is capable of reading linear, stacked linear, 2D / Matrix barcodes, and OCR characters.

Utilizing Adaptus™ imaging technology, the FM-2350 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner also includes omni-directional scanning without the use of any moving parts and picture taking capability.

Buy It Once

In addition to providing industry leading performance on existing linear, stacked linear, and 2D/Matrix barcodes, the FM-2350 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner flash-based imaging technology allows for an easy upgrade path to read barcodes that aren’t even invented yet. The fm-2350 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner will give you the peace of mind knowing that you installed a product that eliminates the need to purchase new product in the future.

Setup Is Easy

With no external decoders or illumination required, the FM-2350 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner is all the hardware you need. The FM-2350 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner communicates USB (Comm. Port of Keyboard Emulation) or RS-232 protocol via fixed interface cables.
Programming the FM-2350 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner is easy and can be done through a PC program, Serial Commands, Barcode Programming Manual, or by a single Configuration Barcode that contains all your settings.


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