FM-6 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

FM6_200JADAK’s FM-6 fixed mount barcode scanner is designed for applications that require aggressive 1D and 2D barcode scanning but may also require machine vision image processing functions. At the heart of the FM-6 is the latest in barcode imaging technology. Utilizing the only area sensor designed specifically for reading barcodes, the FM-6 has longer product life cycles than devices using off the shelf area sensors. The FM-6 not only excels at reading barcodes, the dual-functionality sensor provides both dedicated black & white mode (ideal for barcode) and color mode (ideal for image analysis). Trying to read barcodes in motion or concerned about users presenting barcodes by hand? With motion tolerance up to 584cm (230”) per second, the FM-6 is ready to take on applications where the barcode is moved by the scanner, either mechanically or by hand. The great performance provided by the FM-6 comes in a small compact package that is ideal for OEM devices such as clinical analyzers, industrial robotic systems, kiosks and other devices looking to integrate a worry-free barcode scanner. The FM-6 is also a great fit for End-User applications such as manufacturing, or other applications requiring a fixed mount scanner.

• Dual Purpose Sensor Flexible

– Designed and optimized to read barcodes and capture/process color images

• No Moving Parts Reliable

– Constructed of Solid-State electronics the FM-6 is free from any moving parts that can break, come out of alignment or wear

• Long Product Life Reduces Design Risks

– With a dedicated barcode sensor the FM-6 drastically reduces the risk of product changes and product retirements.


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