flexpoint HS-4 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Convenient Bluetooth Enterprise Barcode Scanning specifically for medical applications:

HS-4 Straight_200

Put advanced bar code scanning in the pockets of your healthcare workers to improve patient safety and the patient experience. Bar code scanning at patient bedside is crucial in preventing deadly errors in medication administration and specimen collection. Now, you can keep enterprise-class bar code capture at the fingertips of every nurse and lab technician with the flexpoint HS-4. This little wireless enterprise-class bar code scanner is designed for the mission critical world of the healthcare worker.

  • PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology for next generation bar code scanning performance – Delivers laser-style speed and accuracy for first-time every time split second capture of 1D and 2D printed bar codes in virtually any condition
  • Superior ergonomics –  One of the smallest and lightest devices in its class, the flexpoint HS-4 can be tucked in a pocket or worn around the neck on a lanyard.
  • Scan virtually any bar code  on any medium –  Scans 1D, 2D and PDF417 bar codes displayed on a screen or printed on paper labels, as well as the tiny bar codes printed on individual medication doses and bar codes on curved, reflective surfaces, such as vials, syringes, IV bags, suppositories and patient wristbands.
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing –   One press of the dedicated pairing button connects the flexpoint HS-4 to virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device — from tablets and laptops to in-room computers and COWs.
  • Withstands constant disinfecting – IP52 sealing and a specially designed disinfectant-ready plastic housing allow safe wipe-down with a wide variety of harsh chemicals to help prevent the spread of germs.

JADAK provides a full suite of support and services for the HS-4 including cost effective ways to adapt the HS-4 to meet your specific needs.  Just ask us!

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