HS-2 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

A truly unique Bluetooth Barcode Scanner:

HS-2M Download IconThe flexpoint HS-2M healthcare barcode scanner is ideally suited for Wireless Bluetooth operation in medical and other applications. Combining high-end performance and quality with an ergonomic and compact size, the flexpoint HS-2M from JADAK provides aggressive scanning performance on linear (1D) and matrix (2D) barcodes, including Databar / RSS / GS1 and other popular healthcare barcodes. The HS-2M is a member of a family of flexpoint scanners that includes the HS-1M corded version, as well as RFID and MRI compatible versions.

  • Sealed Housing (IP54)
  • Ergonomic shape –  The shape of the HS-2M provides an alternative to standard gun-shaped scanners.  The HS-2M shape makes the HS-2M easy to use and carry, and keeps the HS-2M out of the way when not in use.
  • Flexible mounting options –  With a small footprint and mounting design features, the HS-2M charging base can be mounted to a wall, desktop, gooseneck stand, monitor… anything
  • Presentation Mode –   Most bluetooth barcode scanners can’t scan barcodes while the scanner is in the charging base, or is difficult to go from base to hand scanning modes.  The HS-2M Charging base allows for presentation mode scanning and is easy to transition from base mode scanning to hand scanning modes.
  • Medical Grade Housing – The housing of the HS-2 is compatible with medical cleansers and disinfectants
  • MRI Compatible (optional) – The HS-2M is available in MRI compatible versions that allow the HS-2M to be used within a MRI room.

JADAK provides a full suite of support and services for the HS-2M including cost effective ways to adapt the HS-2M to meet your specific needs.  Just ask us!








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