PR-215 Phone Reader / e-Ticket Reader

PR-215The PR-215 is a product designed for use in Kiosks or OEM products needing to integrate omni-directional scanning of linear, stacked linear (PDF417), and/or 2D/Matrix barcodes. Empowered by Area Imaging technology, the PR-215 has no moving parts, no safety labeling requirements, has additional non-barcode functionality, and can read future barcodes not yet invented, making it a reliable product that is easy to integrate and is “future-proof”.


More than just a barcode scanner, the PR-215 provides image capture functions that can be used for a wide range of applications such as signature capture and image capture.

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Powered by Area Imaging Technology, the PR-215 is future-proof. This means that, in addition to providing industry leading performance on existing linear, stacked linear, and 2D/Matrix barcodes, the PR-215 has the technology required to read barcodes that aren’t even invented yet. The PR-215 will give you the peace of mind knowing that you installed a product that eliminates the need to purchase and integrate new product in the future.


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