IS1650 Presentation Barcode Scanner

IS1650_p IS1650 Barcode Scanner self-contained, area-imaging engine provides easy and reliable barcode scanning for self-service kiosks or other fixed-mount POS applications.

The IS1650 is ideal for barcode scanning related to self-vending, ID and boarding-pass verification, shipping/receiving, bill payments, supply-chain management and manufacturing automation.

With its omnidirectional capability, scanning one barcode or several becomes a simple and swift experience for self-service customers.

The IS1650 contains a high-resolution imaging sensor, and decodes all standard barcodes with minimal concern for orientation or print quality – even codes damaged, worn or wrapped in clear plastic.

The IS1650 separates itself from other 2D imaging engines with CodeSelect ™ technology, robust automatic activation and a 500-mHz processor. CodeSelect gives the IS1650 the ability to scan up to seven barcodes in a single flash and output the data in any predetermined order.

The IS1650 also features TotalFreedom™ open-system architecture which expands scanner functionality by allowing formatting, parsing and decoding plug-ins to be loaded directly to the IS1650 instead of the host system.

Forward-illuminating design supports intuitive up-close scanning by eliminating the “dead zone” associated with most imagers.


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