FM-2350V Machine Vision Fixed Mount

fm2350v_pFM-2350V-01The FM-2350V Machine Vision Fixed Mount is ideal for devices looking to combine the functionality of barcode scanners and machine vision cameras into one efficient and small package. The FM-2350V utilizes a fixed interface cable design that is pre-configured by JADAK to match customer cable requirements.

The FM-2350V is available in both VGA and Megapixel Camera Options to best suit application requirements.

Utilizing JADAK’s embedded machine vision logic, the FM-204V can perform standard machine vision tasks such as: Edge Detection, Object Detection, Image Transforms (Warp, Rotate, Stitch and More) and Alignment Measurements.

Like all JADAK vision products, the FM-2350V comes with JADAK’S unparalleled machine vision support which includes complete engineering and development capabilities no matter what your need.


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