FM-4V Machine Vision Fixed Mount

FM-4mThe FM-4V Machine Vision Fixed Mount series from JADAK® is a line of Ethernet based smart cameras that utilize area imaging technology to perform barcode and machine vision tasks.

Utilizing JADAK’s embedded vision processing, the FM-4V is an all-in-one device, performing all barcode and vision functions without the need for frame grabbers, external PCs and 3rd party software packages/licenses.

In addition to providing illumination for barcode scanning operations, the integrated LEDs can be used to provide illumination for machine vision functions and are compatible with JADAK’s truedge™ technology. JADAK’s truedge™ technology provides reliable edge and shape recognition without requiring expensive back lights associated with other machine vision solutions.

To address different applications, the FM-4V is available with different camera options.

For OEM applications requiring optimized solutions or complimentary technologies, our Concepts Without Risk™ process offers customer an easy path for optimization and integration services for the FM-4.

Ethernet Interface
Integrated Ethernet Interface eliminates external Ethernet Adapters and allows the FM-4V to be an addressable device

Integrated LED Illumination
Up to eight (8) integrated LEDs provides safe illumination for bar code scanning and machine vision functions


Compatible Provides accurate edge and shape detection without the need for expensive backlight systems

On Board Vision Processing
With on-board vision processing, the FM-4V does not require external frame grabbers, PC’s or 3rd party licensing
No Moving Parts Solid-state electronics means that there are no moving parts to break, come out of alignment, or wear.


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