SC-6L Fixed Mount Machine Vision Camera

SC-6L 300hJADAK’s SC-6L is a fixed mount smart camera designed for integration into devices that require machine vision and barcode functions. The SC-6L is designed for use in devices that require stand-alone / embedded machine vision functionality. All machine vision functions are performed on the SC-6L eliminating the need for an external PC or frame grabber. Multi-Functional, more than just a machine vision camera, the SC-6L provides barcode scanning and reads popular linear, stacked linear (PDF417) and 2D/Matrix barcodes. With omni-directional scanning the SC-6L can read barcodes in any orientation, easing alignment concerns. Flexible Platform,  as different applications may have different optical requirements, the SC-6L provides the flexibility to use different configurations of lens and lens focuses. Using an M12 mounting configuration the SC-6L can be used with a wide range of lenses.

• Omni-directional Scanning/Decoding True 360 degree scanning and decoding eliminates user training issues and enables the use of efficient Matrix bar codes.

• No Moving Parts Solid-state electronics means that there are nomoving parts to break, come out of alignment, or wear.

• LED Based Illumination Safe illumination source doesn’t require safety or warning labels to be placed on the outside of customer’s product. Integrated lighting eliminates the need for external lighting.

• Small Form Factor Makes mounting and integration easy.


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