Powered by Skyetek and ThingMagic technologies, JADAK has a complete line of RFID readers that includes embedded OEM RFID boards, fixed mount RFID readers, stand-alone readershandheld RFID scanners, and accessories.Whether you require a RFID-only system or need a combination of RFID and barcode, JADAK has the right solution for your unique application.

JADAK provides RFID design and optimization for all of our RFID product platforms, from creating application specific RFID antennas to integrating new RFID tag protocols.  With readers in the High Frequency (13.56 MHz) and Ultra High Frequency (902-928 MHz) bands, only JADAK offers the extensive RFID capabilities and services with the flexibility that you need.

JADAK has experience with RFID applications in Healthcare/Medical, Retail, Construction, Kiosk, and Event Planning, to name a few. Whether you’re looking for a RFID Medical Equipment Tracking, RFID Drug Inventory, RFID with Barcode, or an RFID Inventory System, JADAK can help!