SkyeModule Nova (UHF)

NovaModule 300x300The SkyeModule Nova marks the next generation of SkyeTek UHF reader modules. The Nova is an ultra-small, power efficient, EPC Class 1 Gen 2 reader/writer module. A cutting edge ARM Cortex microcontroller and latest UHF transceiver technology coupled with the reader’s intelligent operating system make this module the most feature rich UHF reader module Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, quality is a top priority for all of our modules.

The SkyeModule Nova adheres to the PCI Express Mini half card (25mm x 30mm x 5mm) form factor, a widely popular, ultra-low profile format which allows the Nova to be used quickly and easily in mobile computing applications, such as tablets and handhelds. At about the size of a matchbook, this module can also be fit into almost any new or existing OEM design. The Nova module is also well suited for battery powered and other power sensitive applications because of the low power features including software stand-by mode and deep sleep mode.  In addition, the wide input voltage range and highly efficient switching power design make this module perfect for battery powered applications right off the shelf.

The Nova utilizes 2 antenna ports that can be selected via software control, making this module suited for mobile or fixed applications. It is also the first product to use SkyeTek’s Adaptive Antenna Tuning, meaning the Nova can automatically detect and correct for impedance mismatches between the reader and antenna. Using this technology, the Nova will always deliver the maximum power to the antenna while increasing receiver sensitivity.


  • Fast integration and time-to-market
  • Unparalleled investment protection
  • Cost-effective and highly scalable
  • Common Blade technology: common size, connection method, and software interface with the SkyeModule™ M2, M7, M9 and M10 readers for maximum design and solution flexibility




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