RFID Reference Designs

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SkyeTek’s ReaderDNA provides customers with a robust set of hardware functionality and support that allows customers to select the specific tag and protocol that optimizes their individual application.  Customers reaching production level volumes that are interested in further lowering the costs and increasing efficiencies in the design of their RFID-enabled product, can sign a licensing agreement.
A product licensing agreement provides customers with access to the ReaderDNA reference design for their chosen module allowing them to manufacture the module themselves.  Once a customer begins manufacturing their own reader module, only a ReaderWare executable file is required to provide full reader functionality.  Licensing ReaderWare and ReaderDNA allows customers to manufacture modules at cost.

ReaderDNA Integration

There are two levels of integration when incorporating a ReaderDNA reference design into a product:

  • Module-level Integration:  The customer manufactures its own module based on the ReaderDNA reference design and continues to integrate the completed module into the product.  The primary benefit of this approach is the savings associated with manufacturing the reader module at cost.
  • Component-level Integration:  The customer integrates components of the ReaderDNA reference design directly onto the internal circuit board of the product.  As part of this process, duplicate parts are eliminated such as the reader’s microprocessor, since the product likely has its own processor already.  In this example, SkyeTek software would run on the product’s processor.  The benefits of this approach include: 
    • Manufacturing the reader module at the lowest possible cost due to parts elimination
    • Reduced footprint
    • Reduced power consumption

When needed, SkyeTek’s Professional Services are available to advise and assist with ReaderDNA integration.

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