SkyeReader SuperNova (UHF) Standalone RFID

SuperNova 200x200The SkyeTek SuperNova is the world’s smallest, high-performance 2-port UHF RFID standalone reader. The SuperNova is an ultra-small, power efficient, EPC Class 1 Gen 2 reader/writer. Based on SkyeTek’s latest UHF reader technology, this new reader brings RFID within reach with incredibly small package, 2 SMA connectors, and USB connectivity.

The SuperNova reader is designed to be easy to use so that you can deploy your RFID solution quickly and without hassle. It provides USB plug-and-play functionality by utilizing the HID drivers and does not require any other power source besides USB to achieve maximum output power. Each antenna port can be selected via software, and utilizes SkyeTek’s Adaptive Antenna Tuning, so that any antenna can be connected and automatically tuned for optimal performance.

With a footprint ¾ the size of a standard business card, the SuperNova can go where other fixed readers can’t. Its small size makes it the perfect reader for POS systems, file tracking applications, portals and smart shelves and cabinets. Available at roughly half the cost of other enterprise readers, the SuperNova opens new opportunities to customers that want to take advantage of RFID’s many benefits.


• Increase Performance with SkyeTek’s Adaptive Antenna Tuning
• Can be powered 100% over USB without loss of performance
• Smallest fixed RFID reader on the market
• Cost-effective and highly scalable


• 860-960MHz UHF RFID
• Reads and writes to transponders based on EPC Class 1 Gen 2
• 2 SMA antenna ports with SkyeTek Adaptive Antenna Tuning
• 500mW output power, up to 10m read range
• RSSI support
• Sleep mode current down to 10uA
• FCC and CE Compliant




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