To focus on strategies, today’s OEMs need to utilize their core competencies to create key differentiators, while facing many challenges.  Issues can range from compliance to safety and regulatory standards to product price reductions to vendor consolidation to integration of non-core technologies.

Working with JADAK enables our OEM customers to concentrate on their core competencies by leveraging our expertise.   As experts in data collection technologies, including barcoding, image analysis / machine vision, cameras,  RFID, and mobile computing devices, JADAK couples our knowledge with an extensive offering of quality products.

JADAK’s solutions are innovative, reliable, and provide guaranteed longevity. Our solutions include application ready products, customizable products, and ground-up customer specific design, all offered with a full-suite of engineering and manufacturing services.

In addition to supporting our products, JADAK engineers provide a wide range of expertise and capabilities, including:

  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design: Metal brackets to Plastic Housings
  • Electrical Design: Analog, digital and RF design capabilities
  • Software Design: From embedded firmware to GUI applications, JADAK has a full suite of software capabilities
  • System Testing & Qualification
  • Agency Testing & Qualification
  • Agency Documentation and Standards

Whether you need help integrating our technology or designing a product, contact JADAK to learn how our unique expertise and capabilities can help you.


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