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中国江苏苏州工业园区港田工业广场8号楼, 固定电话:+86 521-6283-7080 ext. 191

销售电话:+86 186-6621-9571, Johnny.deng@jadaktech.com

客服电话:+86 186-6257-4996, Fiona.xiao@jadaktech.com


Beijing Office/北京办事处



Shenzhen Office/深圳办事处



Tokyo, Japan Office/日本东京办事处

1F, East Square Omori,

6-20-14 Minamioi Shinagawa-ku,

Tokyo 140-0013 Japan

Other Industries We Support

Advanced Industrial

From manufacturing floors to the warehouse, JADAK solutions are used to accurately track inventory, automate processes and reduce error

Transportation & Logistics

JADAK solutions are utilized in countless railway, rail yard, and trucking applications and for fleet tracking, package delivery and cold-chain custody needs


JADAK solutions are used every day in grocery and clothing retail settings, as well as stand-alone kiosks and other retail settings to enhance customer experience, reduce theft, track inventory and detect counterfeit products


JADAK solutions accelerate efficiencies in parking and traffic management as well as toll collection


JADAK RFID solutions are found on The NASA International Space Station to track supplies while Photo Research products measure aircraft instruments and panels displays


From automating the car making process with RFID to measuring panel displays and instruments with Photo Research products, JADAK solutions are found extensively in this sector

Consumer Display

From smart phones and tablets to laptops, Photo Research solutions ensure precise color and light measurement

Military & Defense

Photo Research solutions are used to measure displays, monitors and screens at Central Command and other mission-critical locations

Digital Cinema

From post-production to movie screens, Photo Research products have been the Gold standard in the movie business for over 80 years, receiving numerous Academy Awards for technical achievement

Sports & Gaming

JADAK solutions are used extensively for admission into events, games, and concerts and for accurately tracking athletes’ stats during sporting events