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Firmware upgrades to M6e, Micro, Micro LTE and Nano Modules

10月 30, 2019

JADAK’s ThingMagic M6e Micro-LTE (UHF) RAIN RFID

JADAK’s ThingMagic M6e Micro-LTE (UHF) RAIN RFID

We are pleased to announce the availability of firmware upgrades to ThingMagic RAIN/UHF RFID modules: M6e, Micro, Micro-LTE, and Nano, and the accompanying Universal Reader Assistant and Mercury API.

These updates include bug fixes and performance enhancements and added functionality. Here’s what you’ll find in our latest release:

  • Support for new EU4 region setting that enables operating ThingMagic modules on 3 channels in the 916.3 and 918.7 MHz frequency range. This region setting will support operating the modules in the upper frequency band according to according to European Union’s announcement on October 11, 2018 (ref: Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/1538 on the harmonization of radio spectrum for use by short-range devices within the 874-876 and 915-921 MHz frequency bands).
  • Addition of several new regional hop tables to the ThingMagic Micro module (Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina, Hong Kong, Bangladesh) individual modules.
  • Enhanced capabilities for utilizing the OPEN region to provide more flexibility is setting up additional and customized hop tables. OPEN region custom settings include Quantization Step, Minimum Frequency, Hop Table List, Hop Time, Dwell Time Enable, Dwell Time Length, LBT Enable and LBT Input Leve Threshold. These settings can be saved in module memory.
  • Support for new sensor tags from Johar and Fudan in the ThingMagic Micro module, further enhancing the sensor tag capabilities of the ThingMagic product line.
  • ThingMagic M6e Multiplexing enhancements enabling 3 GPIO lines to control a maximum of 32 logical antennas.
  • Changes to address ThingMagic M6e performance issues noted by customers using the latest M6e hardware design in EU frequency range.

Please consult the individual Firmware and API release notes for details regarding bug fixes and feature enhancements related to each specific module.

Mercury API Updates: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/mercuryapi/
• Autonomous Configuration Tool SDK v1.31.3 in a zip file
• MercuryAPI v1.31.3 Release Notes
• MercuryAPI SDK v1.31.3 in a zip file

M6e Firmware Updates: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/mercury6e-modules/
• M6e firmware v1.23.1 release notes
• M6e firmware v1.23.1

Micro and Micro-LTE Firmware Updates: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/micro-module/
• Micro/Micro-LTE firmware v1.B.3 release notes
• Micro/Micro-LTE firmware v1.B.3

Nano Firmware Updates: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/nano-module/
• Nano firmware v1.9.1 release notes
• Nano firmware v1.9.1

Universal Reader Assistant (API) Updates: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/universal-reader-assistant-utility/
• Universal Reader Assistant for 64-bit PCs
• Universal Reader Assistant for 32-bit PCs

*NOTE: All standard JADAK RFID products are programmed with the latest version of firmware during manufacturing. Due to the nature of our supply chain and sales model, for standard products JADAK cannot guarantee which version of firmware will be loaded on a particular set of modules or readers that our customer receives. We recommend all customers update to the latest firmware version during production test of their hardware, or during deployment of finished readers, and add field update functionality to their system.
For technical questions please contact rfid-support@jadaktech.com