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Important product and firmware updates: M6e 4-port UHF RFID module

November 5, 2018

JADAK recognizes the importance of maintaining a continuous supply of products and minimizing disruption to our customer designs. However, one of the key components of the ThingMagic® M6e 4-port RFID module is no longer available so we are updating the M6e to eliminate the supply chain risks.

We are taking this opportunity to incorporate key design improvements into the product. These improvements include:

• Merging of multiple region-specific SKUs (M6e-JIC and M6e-A) into one SKU (M6e-A)
• ESD immunity enhancements
• The top cover of the module has been extended over the RF connectors to prevent them from being pulled vertically off the board when connected to a cable.

Please see the images below to compare the top shield cover designs.

The new revision of the M6e is intended to be 100% backwards compatible with the existing product design, with identical length, width, and screw hole placement. The FCC and IC ID will remain the same; however, customers should expect to update their regulatory documentation with the latest certification information. The new revision will begin shipping in Q1 2019 after inventory of existing parts is depleted. In the meanwhile, please contact your Sales Account Manager to arrange a sample order.

This hardware change will coincide with a new release of firmware version 1.23.0.

In addition, to support for the M6e hardware updates, the new firmware provides added functionality, such as the option to send Select with every query, support for Complex Selects, Multiple Selects, NXP’s UCODE8 Brand Identifier, generating GEN2V2 iChallenge in FW, and support for an optional (license-enabled) OPEN region.

*NOTE: This firmware is backwards compatible with older modules, but previous firmware versions are not compatible with the new M6e design.

The updated firmware, the accompanying Universal Reader Assistant (URA) and Mercury API can be found on www.jadaktech.com.

M6e Firmware v.1.23.0 and Release Notes:                                                           https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/mercury6e-modules/

Mercury API v.1.31.2 and Release Notes, and Autonomous Configuration Tool (ACT) v1.31.2: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/mercuryapi/

Universal Reader Assistant (URA):                                                                        https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/universal-reader-assistant-utility/

The part number of the M6e module will remain the same; however, JADAK will discontinue the sale of the M6E-JIC part number once inventory of the current design is depleted, and the functionality will be available as a software configuration in the M6E-A module. All part numbers for special function licenses will remain unchanged, and the new OPEN region functionality is available under license part number M6E-LIC-OPEN.

This notice applies to the 4-port embedded M6e module variants only. It does not apply to the other embedded modules: Micro (M6e-M), Micro LTE (M6e-Micro), or Nano (M6e-Nano).
*NOTE: All standard JADAK RFID products are programmed with the latest version of firmware during manufacturing. Due to the nature of our supply chain and sales model, for standard products JADAK cannot guarantee which version of firmware will be loaded on a particular set of modules or readers that our customer receives. We recommend all customers update to the latest firmware version during production test of their hardware, or during deployment of finished readers, and add field update functionality to their system.

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