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Technical update: New firmware and regional certificates for ThingMagic IZAR and Sargas finished readers

October 25, 2018

We are pleased to announce the availability of firmware upgrades to IZAR and Sargas UHF readers, the accompanying Universal Reader Assistant (URA), Autonomous Configuration Tool (ACT) and Mercury API.

These updates include the following new features:

  • Wi-Fi functionality support
  • Complex and multiple Selects
  • Per antenna ON time support
  • Embedded TagOp support for custom commands and read-after-write option
  • Antenna return loss parameter support
  • GPIO polarity configuration (note: default for IZAR and Sargas is “active-high”, which is different from M6, which had default polarity as “active-low”)


The updates can be found on the jadaktech.com website (reference links below) and will be implemented in production of new readers in approximately 30 days*.

Firmware v5.3.2 and Release Notes:



 Mercury API v.1.31.1 and Release Notes, and Autonomous Configuration Tool (ACT) v1.31.1: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/mercuryapi/

Universal Reader Assistant (URA): https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/universal-reader-assistant-utility/

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the addition of Japan High Power regional certification (MIC) for IZAR and Sargas, and China regional certification (SRRC) for IZAR. Products are available to ship into those countries under the following SKUs:

  • PLT-RFID-IZ6-JPH IZAR Reader – Japan (high power)
  • S6-JP Sargas Reader – Japan (high power)
  • PLT-RFID-IZ6-CN IZAR Reader – China

*NOTE: All standard JADAK RFID products are programmed with the latest version of firmware during manufacturing. Due to the nature of our supply chain and sales model, for standard products JADAK cannot guarantee which version of firmware will be loaded on a particular set of modules or readers that our customer receives. We recommend all customers update to the latest firmware version during production test of their hardware, or during deployment of finished readers, and add field update functionality to their system.

For technical questions please contact rfid-support@jadaktech.com

Or please feel free to contact your sales representative.