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Technical update: New firmware for ThingMagic Micro, Micro-LTE, Nano, Mercury API and Universal Reader Assistant

August 14, 2018

We at JADAK pride ourselves on our market-leading, technically adept products which allow us to provide the best solutions to you, our customers.  That being said, we are pleased to announce the availability of firmware upgrades to Micro, Micro-LTE, and Nano modules and the accompanying Universal Reader Assistant and Mercury API on the jadaktech.com website.

Important new features include in creased functionality, the option to send select with every query, support for complex selects, support for multiple selects, Support for NXP’s UCODE8 Brand Identifier, Generate GEN2V2 iChallenge in FW, Japan Region Changes and many more.  For complete list of new features, read the release notes associated with each.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: This firmware update also accounts for tolerance variation in a component.  This ensures that all Micro units meet the same specifications without hardware modifications. As a result, all Micro product family modules manufactured after August 20, 2018 include the new version of firmware. We do not advise downgrading the firmware version on any modules produced after that date, to avoid “ASSERTs with No RF” errors.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: The Mercury API and related files below are only to be used with the newest versions of Micro, Micro-LTE and Nano firmware, which are listed below.  It has not been tested for use with previous or upcoming versions of firmware for the M6e or other ThingMagic reader products. 

Mercury API Updates: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/mercuryapi/

  • Autonomous Configuration Tool SDK v1.31.1 in a zip file
  • Mercury API v1.31.1 Release Notes
  • Mercury API SDK v1.31.1 in a zip file

Micro Firmware Updates: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/micro-module/

  • Micro firmware v1.B.2 release notes
  • Micro firmware v1.B.2

Nano Firmware Updates: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/nano-module/

  • Nano firmware v1.9.0 release notes
  • Nano firmware v1.9.0

Universal Reader Assistant (API) Updates: https://www.jadaktech.com/documentation/rfid/universal-reader-assistant-utility/

  • Universal Reader Assistant for 64-bit PCs
  • Universal Reader Assistant for 32-bit PCs


For technical questions please contact rfid-support@jadaktech.com

Or please feel free to contact your sales representative.