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Allegro USB3 Smart Camera Evaluation Program

Accelerating Your New Product Development with Rapid Prototype Machine Vision Cameras

Rapid machine vision prototype cameras radically accelerate the opportunity-idea-concept process by allowing you to test and collect data in a matter of days. And, by leveraging our engineer-to-engineer collaborative approach early in the development process, you can further reduce your time-to-market with a custom solution for your application.

Evaluation Program Overview

Let JADAK help expedite your problem solving and validation process.

Allegro USB3 Smart Cameras are:

  • Available to ship in 3-5 business days
  • Free of charge for the first 30 days*
  • Immediately supported by our engineering team
  • Fully customizable

Evaluating Your Allegro USB3 Smart Cameras

  • Quick start — connect to a computer USB3 port
  • Power on and use Medley Software to capture and display images
  • Evaluate performance parameters: Frame rate, Image Quality, Sensitivity
  • Prototype and model image processing / machine vision algorithms using Medley interface to 3rd party tools and environments (Matlab, ImageJ, Python, MicroManager, etc.)
  • Determine if the camera/performance meets the requirements of your application or if customization may be required
  • Work with JADAK application and development engineers to facilitate your evaluation and develop custom functionality

Ideal Applications

Healthcare: In-vitro Diagnostics including Pre-Analytical and Analytical Phases, Surgical Navigation and Robotics, Microscopy, Retinal and Fundus Cameras, High Resolution Medical Diagnostics.

Advanced Industrial: Automated Inspection and Measurement, Metrology.

Traffic: Speed Enforcement, Vehicle Recognition.

Evaluation Cameras

Part Number Allegro USB3 Smart Cameras
JDK-10022 Allegro 5.1MP Smart Camera – Mono
JDK-10021 Allegro 5.1MP Smart Camera – Color
JDK-10008 Allegro 2.3MP Smart Camera – Mono
JDK-10010 Allegro 2.3MP Smart Camera – Color
JDK-10019 Allegro USB3 12MP Smart Camera – Mono
JDK-10020 Allegro USB3 12MP Smart Camera – Color
JDK-10016 Allegro 12MP 12000 Smart Camera – Mono
JDK-10017 Allegro 12MP 12000 Smart Camera – Color
JDK-10006 Allegro 4MP 4000 Smart Camera – Mono
JDK-10004 Allegro 4MP 4000 Smart Camera – Color

Download the Allegro USB3 Evaluation Camera Flyer for more information and examples of JADAK value-add customization