We are a Novanta Company

Manufacturing Automation and Inventory Management

Machine and process optimization for reduced downtime, lower capital costs and maximum profitability.

From initial assembly to final inspection and packaging, JADAK’s custom barcode, RFID and machine vision products are used to optimize the manufacturing process including workflow, inventory control, time and attendance, kitting, tool cage and other functions.

Our Fixed Mount Barcode/Machine Vision Smart Cameras are designed for applications that require aggressive 1D and 2D barcode scanning but may also require machine vision image processing functions. Features and benefits include:

  • Trusted Clarity™ Machine Vision Assist Software for intelligent, fast and repeatable performance
  • On-board FPGA with machine vision hardware acceleration, for faster throughput and better accuracy
  • Seamless communication with factory controls
  • Exceptional motion tolerance, ideal for applications where the barcode is hand presented or mechanically moved past the scanner.
  • Dual purpose sensor to read barcodes and capture/process color images
  • Small form factors for applications with space constraints
  • Constructed of solid-state electronics with no moving parts for durability and reliability
  • Continuous innovation and R&D support ensure your vision systems keep pace with the latest advances in factory automation

Our custom RFID solutions ensure the right product is in the right location at every stage of the supply chain. Our customers gain access to the real-time data to optimize operations, improve worker safety, and reduce costs. Powered by renowned ThingMagic technology, our RFID solutions utilize the broadest low-frequency (LF), high-frequency (HF), ultra- high-frequency (UHF/RAIN®) portfolio in the industry. Whether you require RFID-only or a combination of RFID and barcode scanning, we’ve got the right solution for your unique application. RFID technology can help you:

  • Track assets throughout your operation
  • Maximize machine workflow time
  • Better manage warehouse stock levels
  • Track maintenance schedules and receive reminders
  • Minimize shipping errors
  • Improve plant floor productivity and safety