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Transportation and Logistics

Keep efficiencies moving in the right direction with a customized RFID solution.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is now commonplace in the world of transportation and logistics. And with good reason: the right solution seamlessly automates tasks such as identifying, locating and authenticating inventory; tracking vehicles and equipment; improving electronic toll collection—the list goes on. Below are some common applications where a customized RFID solution from JADAK can make a difference.

RFID for trains, planes and automobiles.

From key fobs to factory integration, RFID permeates the automotive, shipping and aviation industries. Customized RFID solutions from JADAK can be deployed for:

  • Tracking parts containers
  • Managing fleets
  • Tracking luggage
  • Life-limited parts monitoring
  • Securing roadways
  • Managing traffic flow
  • Workplace safety
  • Automating toll collection
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Line maintenance and more


Real-time package and delivery tracking.

Deploying a JADAK RFID solution for your package and delivery applications can create loads of efficiencies for your business and your customers. Low-cost RFID tags can be placed on pallets, boxes, totes and packages, allowing you and your customers to reliably track items across the supply chain—from the warehouse to the loading dock and all points in between.


Cool ways to improve cold chain custody monitoring.

JADAK can help you create a customized cold chain visibility solution that helps improve food safety and FSMA compliance by monitoring cargo temperature in the yard or in-transit. Our solutions eliminate error-prone manual logging by enabling reliable real-time trip, shipping and delivery reports