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In-Vitro Diagnostic Testing

Improve accuracy, reduce errors and increase speed with customized machine vision, RFID and barcode solutions. 

JADAK is leading the way in transforming in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) with custom machine vision, RFID and barcode solutions that are providing clinicians and patients with faster and more accurate results, the ability to conduct customized tests simultaneously and more efficiently record clinical data.


Solving complex in-vitro diagnostics and lab automation challenges for the world’s top medical device OEMs.

For obvious reasons, human error and IVD don’t mix. Most of the pre-analytical errors that occur—from point of care sample-taking through lab testing—are completely preventable. By integrating deep learning and workflow automation from the hospital setting to clinical labs, we can provide precise imaging data to support the IVD process continuum, not just for analytical processing with machine vision, but also for clinician identification and reagent/kit tracking with barcode and RFID technologies.

More and more clinical laboratories and medical device OEMs are relying on JADAK for custom, highly optimized solutions specific to their applications. Unlike off-the-shelf smart cameras, RFID and barcode solutions that are often overweight with functionality and can slow performance, JADAK-engineered solutions have resulted in increased throughput, improved accuracy, secure access and quality of processing at a lower price point, all while improving time to market.

Pre-analytical and Analytical Testing

Automate your lab processes using machine vision.

Consumable Tracking and Chain of Custody

Automate testing operations from the hospital to the lab.

Clinical Identification

Maximize patient privacy and data security while reducing staff time.

Allegro IVD Smart Camera Series

Customizable intelligence. On-board processors, FPGAs, and simplified integration.

Secure-Access Handheld Barcode and RFID Scanner

Security, traceability, peace of mind.

ThingMagic Gemini

This low-cost, ultra-low-power, MIFARE and NFC reader/writer module is the most versatile HF RFID module at this price point.

ThingMagic M1-Mini Shielded HF Embedded RFID Module

The smallest self-contained, multi-protocol embedded HF RFID reader on the market today, it’s designed to enable any device with RFID reader technology.

ThingMagic M2

The industry’s most secure multi-protocol embedded HF RFID reader module is designed specifically for encrypted authentication.

FM-5 and FM-6 Fixed Mount Barcode/Machine Vision Series

A variety of general purpose barcode scanning devices for use in all phases of the IVD process including sample reading, reagent tracking, consumable barcode reading and ID badge reading.

VIBE® Fixed Mount Machine Vision Camera

A fixed mount scanner engineering specifically to reduce overall size of Point of Care IVD devices.

ThingMagic® M6e Nano (UHF) RAIN RFID

JADAK’s smallest embeddable module, with ultra-low power consumption, and tiny form factor, this RFID reader is ideal for battery operated, low-cost, small form factor portable devices.