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Analytical and Pre-analytical Lab Phases

Creating new possibilities in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) with custom machine vision.

JADAK-customized machine vision technology, with optional FPGA, can improve speed and accuracy in clinical chemistry, immunoassays, molecular diagnostics and at point-of-care diagnostics.


Allegro IVD Smart Cameras + Clarity™ 3.0 Enhanced Machine Vision Image Analysis Software

The JADAK Allegro In Vitro Diagnostic 6 MP and 2.3 MP Smart Cameras are the intelligent solution for the IVD original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Specifically designed to perform standard pre-analytical and analytical IVD tasks on a rack of vials or single vial, Allegro Smart Cameras, along with Clarity 3.0 Machine Vision software, can accurately and precisely detect and screen diagnostic samples in a timely manner, thus eliminating waste by not conducting tests on non-viable samples and reducing errors typically caused by manual processes.


Improve accuracy and reduce costs with machine vision:

  • Read barcodes
  • Detect vial presence/absence
  • Determine alignment
  • Identify position
  • Recognize sample volume or liquid level
  • Detect vial caps
  • Identify cap or sample color
  • Count items
  • Identify patterns
  • Classify shapes
  • Confirm specimen integrity
  • Discover turbidity


Smart cameras with onboard FPGA for faster throughput and better accuracy

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), enable on-camera hardware acceleration, that can increase frame rate and reduce processing load on the host system. A pioneer in FPGA-based image processing and compression, JADAK developed the first FPGA-based Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)-quality color processing and JPEG compression pipeline, which is currently licensed to Intel, Freescale and AMD/ATI. Today, we continue to lead in machine vision technology, providing fully customized FPGA solutions to meet interface requirements, logic and memory capacity, power constraints and package size requirements for the world’s top medical OEMs—all within price and delivery targets.


Addressing your specific Machine Vision challenges with:

  • Pre-programmed, proprietary software run on embedded ARM CPU allows high-speed output of in vitro diagnostic results with no processing load on the host system
  • High-capacity embedded FPGA allows for hardware acceleration of time-sensitive algorithms increasing system throughput
  • Integrated LED illumination with advanced control allows units to be placed in a predesigned clinical analyzer


Proprietary Enabling Technologies

JADAK’s proprietary Clarity software was used to:

  • Identify the presence of a tube
  • Verify the correct cap color
  • Identify and measure the different levels of separated fluid in the vial
  • Color match the sample to determine quality
  • Scan the sample for clots using blob detection

This JADAK custom solution resulted in an overall cost reduction by eliminating tests on inadequate samples and increased throughput of diagnosable tests.