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Medical Lighting and Display

Bringing the science of light and color measurement to medicine.

Ensure the optimal levels of light and color for your instrumentation, medical device displays, or surgical lighting applications with an industry leading Photo Research solution. Photo Research products are widely considered to be best-in-class, high-precision, research-grade light and color measurement and calibration solutions, recognized as the gold standard for measuring flat panel displays, instruments, instrument panels, and medical devices throughout the world.


Make your surgical and instrument lighting application shine.

The right surgical lighting is key to clinical success, not to mention patient safety and staff comfort. The same holds true for the instruments and devices used to support the delivery of quality care. When a Photo Research instrument is utilized, testing light and color is precise and ensures optimal visibility and minimal glare, so surgical teams can focus on what they do best without eye strain.


SpectraScan® PR-670

Our SpectraScan® family of spectroradiometers make it easier for OEMs to tackle one of the toughest tasks—spectral contrast measurement—without the need for additional instruments, of particular importance when using multiple technologies and tools within the same environment. Capabilities include:

The world renowned Pritchard® Optics system, widely accepted as the most accurate and versatile technology in use today

  • Low polarization
  • Portable, standalone operation
  • Auto Sync® feature that insures entire pulses are captured, improving accuracy and repeatability of the measurement
  • Spectrally based interactive method of performing white point calibrations of CRT’s, LCD’s, LEDs and OLEDs among others
  • SpecraWin® Software