We are a Novanta Company


Intelligent, automated imaging for more powerful and efficient microscopy.

JADAK is enabling great strides in clinical microscopy with leading-edge imaging solutions that are helping researchers and clinicians detect disease and diagnose faster. A custom, integrated camera solution with on board processing can:

  • Deliver high-res images at fast speeds
  • Support and automate the research and analytical processes
  • Ensure more accurate counting and measurement
  • Improve color detection, identification and evaluation
  • Speed pathological discovery and diagnoses
  • Save space and cost


A scalable platform and co-creative approach result in true OEM customization.


Our smart imaging solutions utilize leading-edge mobile processor technology, helping OEMs create higher-performing systems for microscopic and other life sciences applications. Features include:

  • Broad range of high-quality sensors
  • Image pre-processing loaded on the FPGA
  • Large pixel sizes that maximize objective field of view
  • Fast frame rates
  • Multiple output formats and display interfaces
  • Focus algorithms
  • Wireless options
  • Lighting control


Delivering accurate and brilliant images for:

  • Hematological observations
  • Body fluid analysis
  • Forensic evidence
  • Cell sorting and counting (cytometry)
  • Automated digital pathology