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Surgical Equipment Tracking and Sterilization

Customized embedded RFID solutions for surgical applications dramatically improve patient safety while helping clinicians save time and reduce risk.

By deploying RFID readers and writers customized to your specific application requirements, hospitals can track the location, usage and sterilization status of everything from surgical instruments and medicine to clips and sponges. This reduces the likelihood of cross contamination, medication understocks/overstocks, the ongoing expense of replacing reusable equipment, and the devastating aftermath of retained surgical instruments (RSI).

RFID technology for the OR.

  • RFID proximity reads with 100% accuracy
  • OEM custom antenna design and system integration capabilities
  • Universal ThingMagic software API interface across product line for ease of integration
  • Global regulatory and EMI/EMC compliance
  • Finished and embedded authentication technology with LF/HF/UHF RAIN RFID
  • Feature enhancements with field upgradable firmware​
  • Built-in autonomous workflows and persistent configurations​

Improve instrument sterilization processes with RFID.

  • Automatically adhere to manufacturer’s sterilization recommendations
  • Streamline and simplify record keeping
  • Reduce the spread of microorganisms such as CRE outbreaks
  • Prevent secondary infections

Reduce the occurrence of retained surgical instruments (RSI) with RFID-enabled tools.

  • Apply RFID tags to surgical sponges, clips and other instruments to reduce RSI events
  • Dramatically reduce the surgical risks for patients
  • Eliminate unnecessary exposure to harmful X-rays
  • Improve hospital accountability and risk exposure
  • Speed and simplify instrument counts

ThingMagic® M6e Micro (UHF) RAIN RFID Series

Powerful embeddable RFID technology intended for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) designing for a broad range of applications in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries, Point of Sale Devices, Security Access Points, Mobile Devices, Kiosks, Vending Machines, and Tag Commissioning Stations.

ThingMagic® M6e (UHF) RAIN RFID

Full-sized 4-port reader solution designed to fulfill a compact embeddable form intended for surface-mount technology (SMT) manufacturers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) suited for applications with the most demanding challenges that require the greatest power and flexibility, while offering improved development time-to-market advantages.

ThingMagic® M6e Nano (UHF) RAIN RFID

Smallest embeddable module, with ultra-low power consumption, and tiny form factor, this RFID reader is ideal for battery operated, low-cost, small form factor portable devices.

ThingMagic® Sargas (2-Port) HF / UHF / RAIN Fixed Mount RFID Reader

Small and low profile, the Sargas is an all-in-one unit with onboard processor, DDR memory, and removable flash storage port, it runs Linux operating system and combined with the ThingMagic Mercury API offers unparalleled flexibility in custom design programming.

IZAR 4-Port HF/ UHF / RAIN Fixed Mount RFID Reader

The ThingMagic® IZAR Fixed Mount (UHF) RAIN RFID Reader is JADAK’s compact, programmable, network-attached reader capable of both read and write RFID functions.

ThingMagic® Elara (UHF) RAIN RFID Reader

Based on ThingMagic Nano module with industry RAIN RFID standard RAIN Communication Interface (RCI), the Elara supports pre-loaded Autonomous Workflows covering the most common use cases so, no RFID expertise is required to setup and operate the unit.

“RAIN RFID is an enabling technology that saves lives, prevents errors, saves costs and increases efficiencies. Many parts of the healthcare industry have already experienced these benefits as shown by the market growth rate of 35% each year through 2020.”

-IDTechEx* (www.rainrfid.org)