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Surgical Navigation and Visualization

Enhanced tissue visualization for improved surgical outcomes and patient safety.

JADAK offers custom machine vision solutions that help surgeons see more during a variety of guided clinical procedures, such as image-guided surgery, ablation and biopsy.


Real innovations in real-time surgical imaging.

JADAK machine vision cameras enable surgeons to better see tissues being manipulated and enable precise surgical instrument navigation.

  • Multiple image sensors fed into a single FPGA
  • Target detection and tracking on FPGA
    • Pattern-based tracking
    • IR tracking, bright spot detection
  • FPGA allows real-time surgical tool, patient or marker detection, at faster speeds than software-only solutions
  • Dual sensor synchronization to triangulate instrument location

“With its innovative pre-image processing feature, JADAK Machine Vision cameras enabled us to develop a next- generation dental surgical navigation system. This smart camera technology outperformed benchmarks, increasing the framerate from 3 fps to 60 fps, while decreasing cost by 68%”.

-Tier 1 OEM Dental Device Manufacturer