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Accelerating logistics and light measurement technology for the automotive industry.

The automotive industry is fully loaded with complex challenges, regulations and standards. JADAK offers proven technology that increases efficiency, performance and safety—from custom RFID solutions that help with everything from asset management and tire tracking to industry-leading light and display measurement for a safer more brilliant driving experience.


Custom RFID brings new opportunities to the complex challenges of operating an automotive factory.

Auto industry professionals are challenged with managing extremely complex factory operations and logistics. JADAK custom RFID solutions enable attaching RFID tags to virtually any component of an operation and tracking the tagged assets using RFID software. Auto plant managers can attach RFID tags to tools, containers, parts, shipping boxes and other supplies – allowing even the tiniest of components to be monitored and tracked at all times.

This technology not only cuts costs, it keeps automakers competitive in the ever-expanding global marketplace. That’s because RFID can be used throughout many aspects of the production process to reduce downtime, improve tool utilization, and boost bottom lines.


Benefits of Custom RFID in the Automotive Industry:

  • More efficient shipping and tracking
  • Better safety compliance through scheduled equipment maintenance
  • Increase tool and equipment utilization
  • Instant supply restocking to prevent shortages


Tire tracking – Where the rubber meets the road.

The right tire tracking RFID technology can help with everything from improving inventory control and fleet management to closing gaps in the recall system and protect against theft. It also guarantees readability in all conditions—shelf life, entire life, even end of life. Read more. 


A better way to drive your lighting and display testing.

Automotive dashboards and lighting technologies have been revolutionized and are now elegant, intuitive and thoughtfully designed experiences. With these technological advances, comes the need to meet the industry’s ever-evolving regulations and industry standards for the safety and performance. Photo Research, a JADAK brand, offers designers and OEMs light and display measurement solutions that give auto manufacturers the ability to test and quantify a vehicle’s self-illuminating elements—inside and out.