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From CCFL and LED to OLED and QLED, accurate measurement is a must. Spot and 2D measurement solutions from Photo Research, a JADAK brand, can track and correct eventual changes between and variations in a variety of displays, including smartphones, household appliances, wearable devices, AR/VR applications, and digital billboards. Regardless of your application, JADAK offers trusted NIST calibration services to meet your needs.


Bringing better light and color measurement to your consumer displays.

With the Photo Research ATAKT™ | V-7HS it’s possible to test the maximum number of samples in the minimum amount of time without compromising accuracy or repeatability. Our most sensitive and fastest spectroradiometer features:

  • Full grayscale, gamma and color in mere seconds
  • Spectroradiometric accuracy and repeatability at near real-time speeds
  • Thermally cooled detector for stability in production environments
  • Ultra-low black level measurement in milliseconds
  • DUT measurement target area customizable for your specific application


Exceeding the demand for measuring lower luminance levels.

Information display performance is improving at breakneck speed. As more and more display manufacturers are striving to improve contrast ratios, so comes the need to measure ever-decreasing luminance levels. That’s where the PR-810 / 810L Pritchard® Photometer—the most widely used photometer in the world—comes in. Features include:

  • Full-color touchscreen display
  • Wide dynamic range
  • USB interface
  • Bluetooth ready (optional)
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • SD card storage


Trusted maintenance and calibration services.

Photo Research provides full maintenance and calibration services for your equipment including NIST traceable calibration services. Our Quality Assurance program satisfies the requirements of MlL-I-45208A and MIL-STD-45662A with a continued effort to comply with 2540-1 and ISO guide 25. In the Optical Metrology Lab we provide specialized services for optical radiation standards, instrument characterization and measurements of displays and sources.

“We’ve been using the Photo Research ATAKT™ | V-7HS for years. Compared to the competition, it is extremely reliable and accurate, enabling Microsoft to have the best visual display. We will continue to use this product long into the future.”

-Senior Engineer, Microsoft