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Digital Cinema

Ensure color consistency across all your devices—from CRT and plasma displays to LCDs, HD and laser projectors.

Calibration of professional displays is essential to broadcast, production, post production and content creation. Photo Research was founded by Karl Freund, a well-known cinematographer, who began developing products to improve the quality of photography in the motion picture industry early in his career. His products, the Spectra® Color Temperature Meter and a direct reading brightness meter, received two Academy Awards for technical achievement from the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences. Since then, Photo Research has won four additional Academy Awards from the Motion Picture Association of America for products as diverse as the film-lens balanced Three Color Meter and the Spectra Film Gate Photometer for motion picture printers.

Today, Photo Research spectroradiometers set the standard with best-in-class, high-precision, research-grade light and color measurement and calibration solutions. Unlike other technologies, they allow you to more accurately measure device characterization using data on the spectral power distribution of the source.


Trusted maintenance and calibration services.

Photo Research provides full maintenance and calibration services for your equipment including NIST traceable calibration services. Our Quality Assurance program satisfies the requirements of MlL-I-45208A and MIL-STD-45662A with a continued effort to comply with 2540-1 and ISO guide 25. In the Optical Metrology Lab we provide specialized services for optical radiation standards, instrument characterization and measurements of displays and sources.


“We’ve been using your product for years. Compared to the competition, it is extremely reliable and accurate, enabling Microsoft to have the best visual display. We will continue to use this product in the future.”

-Senior Engineer, Microsoft