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Military and Defense

Precise light and color measurement and RFID solutions for mission-critical applications. 

Helping you deploy performance military-grade lighting solutions.

A clear vision is key to operational success, not to mention safety and security. The same holds true for the instruments and devices you manufacture to support missions abroad. When a Photo Research instrument is utilized, testing light and color is precise, ensuring optimal visibility and minimal glare, so teams can focus on what they do best without eye strain.

Photo Research instrument applications:

  • Military flight and vehicle instrumentation panels
  • Rugged handheld device screens

Photo Research, a JADAK brand, consistently leads the way in setting new standards for light and color measurement technologies. Our SpectraScan® family of spectroradiometers makes it easier for OEMs to tackle one of the toughest tasks—spectral contrast measurement—without the need for additional instruments, of particular importance when using multiple technologies and tools within the same environment. Capabilities include:

  • The world-renowned Pritchard® Optics system, widely accepted as the most accurate and versatile technology in use today
  • Low polarization
  • Portable, standalone operation
  • Auto Sync® feature that insures entire pulses are captured, improving accuracy and repeatability of the measurement
  • Spectrally based interactive method of performing white point calibrations of CRTs, LCDs, PDPs and digital projectors, among others
  • SpecraWin® software


Custom RFID solutions for efficient back-end military operations.

When it comes to keeping inventory, managing parts and maintenance tracking, JADAK is a trusted name in customizing RFID technology for tracking solutions that help streamline military processes, boost visibility and increase scheduling efficiency. RFID can provide visibility to what supplies or what maintenance activities are needed, so government employees can place the right orders and perform the right service at the right time.