We are a Novanta Company


Customized RFID and barcode technology that gives retailers a competitive edge.

Whether they’re in-store, at home, or at the office, today’s shoppers not only expect a seamless, hassle-free experience, they demand it. JADAK helps retailers meets those demands with solutions that improve in-store operations, customer engagement, fulfillment, inventory management—even in-store ambiance.


Counterfeit product protection.

From the big clothing chains to the corner store, counterfeit products permeate the world of retail. We offer custom RFID solutions that help improve track-and-trace capabilities, supply chain monitoring and more.

ThingMagic RFID solutions are deployed across a large number or retailers’ production supply chains, bringing significant operational benefits both in logistics and retail, with an average ROI of less than 18 months.


Kiosk solutions that take customer engagement to the next level.

Our product and engineering support can help kiosk manufacturers improve customer engagement with a customized solution that integrates perfectly with in-store systems. JADAK product options for kiosk/customer engagement devices include:

  • Barcode products: 1D, 2D barcode scanners
  • MSR products: insertion and swipe-based credit card readers
  • Cameras: VGA to megapixel cameras and optics
  • RFID: HF and UHF and USB readers


Making in-store interactive experiences more immersive.

JADAK RFID tag technology can help you help retailers bring all the benefits of interactivity to their floors or showrooms. Together, we can create experiences that not only engage customers, they can accelerate sales, return visits and positive reviews of their brand.


Proven POS solutions.

Our leading-edge ThingMagic RFID solutions can help OEMs create point-of-sale innovations such as smart shopping carts that help retailers track customer behaviors, improve their marketing efforts and speed front-end checkout.


Improve inventory management solutions from load-in to checkout.

JADAK has deep experience in developing inventory and logistics solutions that can improve purchasing efficiencies, product storage and product life-cycle management.


Light up the customer experience.

It’s proven that in-store lighting can do a lot more than help retailers look good. From digital displays to color schemes, the right light can literally impact the way customers shop and move through a space.  Photo Research, a JADAK brand, offers world renown precision, research-grade light and color measurement and calibration solutions for screens, panel displays and lighting components.