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Sports and Gaming

A winning combination of customizable barcode and RFID solutions.

From the growing use of e-tickets to the need to monitor the integrity of athletic competitions, the demand for optimized scanning solutions is stronger than ever. At JADAK, we’re helping OEMs keep pace with a range of custom barcode and RFID reader solutions,


Customized solutions that help keep you in the game.

The gaming industry is in a constant state of transformation. Today, JADAK ThingMagic® HF RFID systems are playing a big role in the evolution by enabling fast, wireless connectivity for gamers, as well as POS and secure access applications ranging from cash registers to online party reservations.

JADAK also provides custom barcode solutions to the leading OEM device manufacturers in the lottery industry. Our barcode solutions are used for instant ticket solutions including packet activation, ticket validation, ticket redemption and ticket security.


Race timing and tracking solutions.

UHF passive RAIN RFID is extremely popular in race timing development. Our ThingMagic RFID technology is playing a growing role due to its customizability, ease of use, scalability and reliability. Allow us to help you take your racing application to the next level with a robust, cost-effective timing solution.