Product Development Specialist

Position Overview

  • This position is responsible for the creation and maintenance of standard work utilized in the production of JADAK products. The Product Development Specialist will draw on previous experiences and know best practices to ensure that efficient production processes are utilized to produce JADAK products at the lowest cost; while simultaneously implementing the process controls required to produce product than can consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Review BOM for adherence to production process
  • Utilize the Quality Assurance Matrix to determine Critical to Quality attributes: Determine risk for escapes, determine effectiveness of quality control and summarize high risk items and escalate them to management.
  • Standard Work
    • Develop and maintain standard work for assembly, test, and inspection.
    • Include Critical to Quality markers based on QAM output.
    • Recommend and implement additional quality controls based on QAM output (I.e Fixture Requirements).
    • Track standard work change requests and gather approval for changes from Quality, Production, and Engineering.
    • Maintain Production Barcode Book.
  •  Documentation Support
    • Implement and maintain Golden Unit archive program.
    • Manage European REACH documentation and respond to specific product information requests.
    • Support documentation department as needed
      • Write ECO’s as needed
      • Help with Configuration Requests (creating Label Files and generating manufacturing document part numbers)
      • Follow up with overdue ECO’s



  • Attention to detail
  • Basic understanding of quality terminology and Lean Manufacturing.
  • Ability to verbally communicate with supervisor and fellow employees
  • Ability to understand and develop assembly instructions.
  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • Basic computer skills
  • Must be able to function well in a team or group environment
  • Must be a self starter


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