Clarity 2.0 Machine Vision Software

Clarity™ 2.0 is JADAK’s Enhanced Machine Vision & Image Analysis Software

A Graphic User Interface (GUI) software package that allows a user with little or no machine vision software experience to develop a machine vision application for use on JADAK’s smart cameras, Clarity gives you with as much or as little control as you want in designing your machine vision inspection solution. A powerful tool with many standard features, Clarity provides the building blocks for the most common machine vision tasks, and can be updated and modified as your product inspection and tracking needs change.

Coupled with JADAK’s unparalleled customer support teams, Clarity allows you to quickly and easily develop a machine vision application and tackle ownership of your machine vision project, while benefiting from JADAK’s deep experience in machine vision project development.

Clarity 2.0 includes enhanced features and functionality to all of the pre-existing plug-ins, as well as two new plug-in functions! Functions include:

  • Presence/Absence
  • Count
  • Pattern Match
  • Decode
  • Finder
  • Measure
  • Image Process – NEW
  • Color Detection – NEW

Check out the videos below to see how the Plugins work:


What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision uses image processing to inspect for visible characteristics, analyze results and record findings, leading to increased automation, consistency and efficiency. Smart cameras are used to obtain images, and then use embedded machine vision software to process the image and provide information about objects in the image.

How is JADAK’s Machine Vision Software Used?

With years of machine vision experience in the medical market, JADAK’s updated machine vision/image analysis software, Clarity 2.0, provides the flexibility to configure and control basic machine vision solutions with smart cameras. Clarity generated machine vision algorithms are downloaded directly onto all of JADAK’s smart cameras. Clarity is run on a Windows PC to generate the machine vision scripts, which are then downloaded to Clarity-compatible cameras. The cameras are mounted to your inspection area to perform the tasks you require.

Clarity machine vision software is designed for inspection applications in healthcare, manufacturing, shipping, packaging, and other operations that require improved quality through an automated inspection process.

Clarity applications can include, but are not limited to, any combination of the following:

  • Inspecting a test tube, biological sample, or product to confirm color
  • Inspecting a product to ensure accurate labeling or perform logo detection for anti-counterfeiting purposes
  • Counting items such as pills or parts on a production line
  • Reading a barcode on an item for validation
  • Inspecting an object to ensure a feature is present, such as caps on test tubes, or parts on a finished product
  • Inspecting an object to measure its size

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