Thermo-Drucker & Schreiber Recorder

Thermal Printers & Chart Recorders

In June 2015, General Scanning Printer Technologies joined JADAK.  Today, JADAK is proud to offer our customers these best-in-class thermal printers and chart recorders for stand-alone and embedded printing applications.  Our printing solutions are respected around the globe for their reliability and versatility and are found wherever clean, sharp, accurate data output is essential.

Small size, lightweight, and low power consumption make these printers ideal for on-board integration in both portable and stationary instrument designs. Having set the operational benchmark in the medical industry, JADAK printers and chart recorders find broad acceptance by OEM’s thanks to outstanding performance in the following areas:

  • Quiet, reliable operation
  • Broad product selection for a variety of requirements
  • Sharp, high resolution output
  • Versatile output formats
  • Ease of integration

In addition to medical instrumentation, JADAK printers and chart recorders are used in data acquisition and test & measurement instruments, retail kiosks, and gaming terminals.