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How To Compile JAVA API on Raspberry Pi    245K 12/03/2018 Download
Basic Gen2 Protocol Settings Demystified    Details v 306K 02/27/2018 Download
Configuring UHF Readers    Details v 394K 02/27/18 Download
Designing Bulk Encoding Applications    Details v 473K 02/27/2018 Download
Designing Race Timing Applications    Details v 2M 02/27/2018 Download
Determining Asset Directionality    Details v 495K 02/27/2018 Download
Managing the Firmware Upgrade Process    Details v 496K 02/27/2018 Download
Performance Optimization for Diverse RFID Tags    Details v 613K 02/27/2018 Download
RQL Setup & Reference Guide    415K 12/01/2008 Download
Transitioning to ThingMagic USB Plus+    Details v 462K 02/27/2018 Download
Tuning Carrier Board RF Waveguide Lines    Details v 727K 03/14/2018 Download
Transitioning from Mercury6 to IZAR    318K 1/10/2019 Download
Transitioning Select Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner Platforms    Details v 645K 5/14/2019 Download

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