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SkyeModule™ Gemini (HF) Reader

Gemini Documentation Category

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Firmware Releases

Gemini Firmware Update 0x0064 - NTAG support    Details v0x006428K02/01/2017 Download
Gemini Firmware Version v0101-0049   v0101-004907/31/2013 More Info
Gemini Firmware Update 0x0062 - April 2015 (Second Update)    Details v0x006227K0/01/2015 Download
Gemini Firmware Version v0101-005F    Details vv0101-005F27K02/01/2017 Download
Gemini Firmware Version v0101-0058    Details v0x0101005827K11/18/2014 Download
Gemini Firmware Version v0101-0053 v2    Details v0x0101005326K11/13/2013 Download
Gemini Firmware Version v0101-0053 v3    Details v0x0101005326K11/13/2013 Download
Gemini - Firmware Version 0101-0030    Details v0x0101030016K04/09/2013 Download

Application Notes

Gemini - NTAG 21X and I2C Feature Support    Details vNTAG263K02/06/2018 Download
Gemini - Keyboard Wedge Operating Mode    Details v657K07/18/2013 Download
Gemini - Using Ultralight C Tags    Details v453K10/02/2012 Download
Gemini - Using MIFARE Classic Tags    Details v384K10/02/2012 Download
Gemini - Reader Commands    Details v223K10/12/2012 Download
Gemini - Basic Tag Commands    Details v306K10/12/2012 Download


Gemini User Guide    Details v1M10/06/2016 Download
Gemini - Skyetek Protocol V3    Details vV31M004/18/2013 Download
Gemini Tag Support Matrix    Details v205K11/13/2013 Download

CAD Models and Drawings

Altium Integrated Libraries for Gemini (and Nova)    Details v5K02/01/2017 Download
Gemini Mechanical Drawing   54K02/01/2017 Download
Gemini Solidworks Models   2M02/01/2017 Download
Gemini Solidworks Models No Header   2M02/01/2017 Download
Gemini STEP Files   1M02/01/2017 Download
Gemini STEP Files No Header   803K02/01/2017 Download

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